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    Reliable Automation Systems and Controls Services

    We address client needs throughout the entire project. Starting off with the initial assessment and consultation. Our comprehensive product knowledge is available during the decision making stage. Next, development, installation, and start-up are executed professionally and efficiently. Finally, we are committed to ongoing support and to implementation of possible future expansion.



    With PLC programming, our engineers are trained in Mode/State/Step programming methods. These methods are applicable regardless of brand and can be used in most discrete and continuous machinery. By using a common approach, we achieve a higher level of consistency in our delivarables at a lower cost point.


    We work closely with representatives from Cognex, Dalsa and others to evaluate applications for appropriate lighting, lensing and feasibility before presenting a proposal for a project. This allows you to see the system in action before making a purchasing decision.


    Meaningful bidirectional information flow is critical in manufacturing today. We work with a variety of OPC vendors to implement PLC based information flow and we use both Historian software and Visual Studio do develop applications for SQL data storage and retrieval. In many cases, a Visual Studio application is lest costly but more difficult to maintain in the long term. Let us work with you on the best solution for your case.

    Control Systems Design and Documentation

    From environmental exposures to sensitivity to motion, component selection is a critical part of low total cost of ownership for a control system. All Bill of Materials development is performed with a large amount of customer dialog and feedback on selection criteria. CAD is generated after this Bill of Materials process is largely complete.


    We have standardized on layouts, color usage and navigation to reduce costs and improve consistency. However, we will follow customer specifications to the extent that they deviate from our approach.


    Engineers benefit from factory training on a wide range of stepper, servo and robotic systems. We have experience in coordinated axis control and robotic control for several manufacturers.

    We Have Expert Engineers

    Morris Control's commitment and understanding of the automation business over the years has helped us to become one of the top system integrators in the country.

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