Our experience with Controllogix and Compact Logix processors spans a wide variety of industries. We are fluent in programming all SLC 500 processors and Micrologix as well as PLC 5, SLC 150 and we even have software and cables for PLC2. We have experience in Ethernet/IP, Controlnet, Devicenet, Data Highway Plus, DH485 and Remote I/O protocols. We are users of Panelview Plus HMIs and we support Panelview, Panelview Enhanced and Panelview Component HMIs. We have vast experience with Kinetix and Ultra servo drives and the range of Powerflex AC VFDs. Call us for SCADA projects using FactoryTalk View SE and RSView 32. Our experience is in water/wastewater and manufacturing systems using this software.brand-rockwell


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